August: What’s in Season!

Happy August!  The end of summer heat means lot’s of extra tomatoes and cucumbers! Melon and Eggplant also are finally ready to harvest! Here are some of the items you can expect to see in the CSA and on the Online Farm Stand this month and some recipes for inspiration!


Ground Cherry Torte

A wonderful summer dessert that is sure to please!

Courtesy of Coley Cooks


Crispy Eggplant Fritters

A new twist on Fried Eggplant!

Recipe by Jimmy Bradley, Photo by Yunhee Kim


Seared Mild Chiles

A simple appetizer that tastes great!

Courtesy of Martha Stewart


Peppery Grilled Okra with Lemon Basil Dipping Sauce

Fire up the grill to make this unique side dish!

Photo by Jennifer Davick, Recipe Courtesy of Southern Living


Asian Carrot Noodles

A fun and delicious low carb meal!

Courtesy of Live Eat Learn


Peach Salad with Blue Cheese and Fresh Herbs

Don’t let those Peaches and Herbs go to waste!

Courtesy of foodnessgracious


Pear Clafouti

A classic french treat made easy!

Photo: Quentin Bacon, Recipe: Barefoot in Paris by Ina Garten


Chicken Tomatillo Salsa Nachos

Enjoy the Steeler’s Preseason with these Nachos!

Courtesy of Sara Moulton


Watermelon Smoothie

Savor the tastes of summer with this cool drink!

Courtesy of Pinch of yum


Corn, Zucchini and Cantaloupe Salad with Prosciutto and Fresh Herbs

A fresh salad that is sure to impress!

Courtesy of Liz Harris for Floating Kitchen

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