2015 Summer Harvest CSA Share Week of November 3

Penn’s Corner Thanksgiving Turkey

What do you have planned for your Thanksgiving turkey this year? How does a free range, pastured, antibiotic and hormone free bird that’s fed GMO-free feed sound? It sounds pretty great to us too! Pre-order your bird today and cross that errand off your “to do” list!

We have two pick up days and locations:

  • Our Squirrel Hill location is at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer at 5700 Forbes Avenue.  Turkey pickup will be on Monday, November 23 between 4:00pm and 6:30pm
  • Our Penn’s Corner office location is located at 6400 Hamilton Ave.  Turkey pickup will be on Tuesday, November 24 between 11am and 6pm.

Email lydia@pennscorner.com with your desired pick-up location (Squirrel Hill, or the Penn’s Corner warehouse) and then keep an eye out for a confirmation email, or give Lydia a call at 724-840-1672.

Visit our turkey webpage for more detailed information.


A Route Z Route
sweet potatoes, River View Farm (OG) cauliflower, Nu Way Farm
gouda style cheese, Hidden Hills Dairy ***vegan members will receive chopped tomatoes in place of cheese gouda style cheese, Hidden Hills Dairy ***vegan members will receive chopped tomatoes in place of cheese
apple cider, Kistaco Farm bosc pears, Dawson’s Orchards
watermelon radishes, Clarion River Organics (OG) arugula or tatsoi, Blackberry Meadows (OG) and Nu Way Farm
broccoli, Nu Way Farm honey, Bedillion Farm ***vegan members will receive rhubarb jam in place of honey.
tatsoi, Nu Way Farm leeks or onions, Blue Goose Farm (CNG)
rutabagas, Blue Goose Farm (CNG) butternut squash, Clarion River Organics (OG)


Click HERE to check your delivery route

OG = Certified Organic, CNG = Certified Naturally Grown**

sweet-potatoesSweet Potatoes

Grower:  River View Dairy

Store: In a cool dark place.

Recipe33 of the Most Delicious Things you can do to Sweet PotatoesTurkey, Corn and Smoked Gouda Sweet Potato Boats




Grower: Nu Way Farm 

Store: Covered in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator

Recipe: Beef with BroccoliCreamy Chicken Quinoa Broccoli Casserole11 Reasons to Get Excited About Broccoli



Gouda Style Cheese

Grower: Hidden Hills Dairy

Info: This cheese is made only in the summer months when the cows are on pasture to capture the natural golden color of the grass. Aged 5-8 months, this cheese works equally well on a cheese tray, baked in a casserole or paired with fruit.

Recipe: Bacon Gouda Cauliflower MashMushroom Sweet Potato and Smoked Gouda ChowderGouda Sauce for Sweet Potato Fries

PB1313H_spiced-hot-apple-cider-recipe_s4x3_lgApple Cider

Grower: Kistaco Farm

Store: Keep refrigerated

Recipe: Mulled Cider in a CrockpotApple Cider Sangria


watermelonradishcropWatermelon Radishes

Grower:  Clarion River Organics

Store: In a plastic bag or container in the fridge to keep fresh for several weeks. If the radish loses its firmness, perk it up in ice water for a few hours or slice and pickle it for eating in a few days.

Recipe: Arugula Salad with Watermelon Radishes and Creamy Avocado DressingWatermelon Radish Chips


8 oz honeyHoney

Grower: Bedillion Farm

Store: At room temperature.

Recipe: Cinnamon Honey Butter




Grower: Nu Way Farm

Store: Wrap the leaves in a damp paper towel, and store them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. Prepare fresh tatsoi by separating the leaves (if you have a whole head) and washing well.  

Recipe: Wild Mushroom and Tatsoi Bowl with Poached Egg and Parmesan


boscpearsBosc Pears

Grower: Dawson’s Orchards

Store: Pears will continue to ripen off the tree (indeed, they really have to ripen off the tree to avoid a woody texture). So if your pears are a little green and firm, just leave them at room temperature and they’ll finish up nicely. Then you can refrigerate them.

Recipe: Vanilla Bourbon PearsAged Gouda and Dried Pear Scones



Grower:  Blue Goose Farm

Store: Refrigerate in a bag.  Do not wash until you’re ready to use it.

Recipe: Simple Slow Roasted LeeksCheddar and Leek Muffins




Grower: Blue Goose Farm

Store:  Store at room temperature in a dry location like the kitchen counter or cupboard for up to 1 month.

Recipe: Caramelized Onion Gouda BurgerSmoked Gouda and Caramelized Onion Pizza



Grower: Nu WayFarm

Store:   Covered in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator

Recipe: Creative Cauliflower RecipesThe Best Mashed Cauliflower



butternutButternut Squash

Grower: Clarion River Organics

Store: In a cool, dry place.

Recipe: Crock Pot Chicken with Butternut Squash, Pears and CranberriesRoasted Butternut Squash and Pear Soup




Grower: Blue Goose Farm

Store: Covered, in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.

Helpful Info: How to Slice RutabagaWhat’s a rutabaga?

Recipe: Rutabaga Hash With Onions and Crisp Bacon



Grower: Blackberry Meadows

Store:  Wrap arugula loosely in a paper towel or cloth and store it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Recipe: Spring Pea and Arugula Salad with Creamy Dill DressingRoasted Sweet Potato Wild Rice and Arugula Salad


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