2015 Spring CSA Share Week #6

River View nannies (mama goats) waiting to be milked

River View Dairy is a local treasure. Sam and Susie Byler, along with their family, produce some of the most delicious goat cheese around. They’ve earned a fantastic reputation among many of the finest restaurants and grocers in Pittsburgh. They are most well-known for their fresh chèvre, but they’ve developed some incredible aged goat and sheep milk cheeses as well.

This baby goat got out of his pen and is trying to cause trouble 🙂

River View goats spend much of their time grazing on organic pasture.


For this week’s CSA share River View Dairy has made you batch of halloumi, a semi-hard brined cheese with a very high melting point. The high melting point makes it a great candidate for grilling or frying because it will get crispy on the outside and soft on the inside but it won’t melt into a puddle. Halloumi is traditionally made with both sheep and goat’s milk however this batch is made with 100% goat’s milk which gives it a mild flavor.

Grilled halloumi

Try simply slicing and browning your halloumi in a little butter or olive oil, or grill it up at your Memorial Day barbecue. We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear how you decide to prepare it! For recipe ideas see below.





A Route

Z Route

halloumi, River View Dairy

halloumi, River View Dairy

1 dozen eggs, Jubilee Hilltop Ranch

apple cider, Kistaco Farm

kale, Clarion River Organics (OG)

broccoli raab or kale, Clarion River Organics (OG)

green onions, Nu Way Farm

cherry belle radishes or green onions, Beccari’s Farm or Nu Way Farm 

hydroponic lettuce, Harmony Grove Farm

hydroponic lettuce, Harmony Grove Farm

rhubarb, Nu Way Farm

rhubarb, Sunny Meadow Farm

strawberry jam or hot pepper jelly, Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance

OG = Certified Organic, CNG = Certified Naturally Grown

**A Route vegan members will receive lettuce and green garlic in place of the cheese and eggs.

**Z Route vegan members will receive lettuce in place of the cheese.

**There are no gluten containing items in this week’s share so gluten free members may take a regular brown box.

The issue of Table Magazine found in your share is complementary.

 Click HERE to check your delivery route



River View Farm

Store:  In refrigerator

Recipes:  Fried Halloumi Cheese, Grilled Halloumi and Quinoa Salad, Fried Halloumi with Mint Gremolata





Jubilee Hilltop Ranch

Store:  In refrigerator





Apple Cider

Kistaco Farm

Store:  In refrigerator






Clarion River Organics

Store:  Keep kale in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Recipe:  potato scallion and kale cakes, Kale and Walnut pesto, Sauteed Kale 




Broccoli Raab aka Broccoli Rabe or Rapini

Clarion River Organics

Store:  Keep broccoli raab in a plastic bag in the fridge. If you notice that it is particularly wet, place some paper towels in the bag to absorb the moisture.

Recipe:  Broccoli Rabe with Caramelized Onions, Broccoli Rabe and Orzo Salad




Green Onions

Nu Way Farm

Store:  Keep green onions in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Uses:  5 Ways to Use Up Your Scallions




Cherry Belle Radishes

Beccari’s Farm

Store:  To keep your radishes fresh for as long as possible, separate your radishes from their greens and store them in separate plastic bags in your refrigerator.

Recipe:  Vietnamese Banh Mi Salad, Roasted Radishes



bibb lettucecrop

Hydroponic Lettuce

Harmomy Grove Farm

Store:  Keep lettuce in the refrigerator. Place in a sealed plastic bag to prevent wilting.






Nu Way Farm or Sunny Meadow Farm

Store:  Place rhubarb in a plastic bag in your refrigerator. It will stay fresh for 1-2 weeks (or maybe longer).




strawjamStrawberry Jam

Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance

Store:  Refrigerate after opening 





Hot Pepper Jelly

Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance

Store:  Refrigerate after opening

Uses:  Seven Super Ways to Spice Up Your Life With Pepper Jelly 




Green Garlic

Grow Pittsburgh

Store:  Keep green garlic in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Uses:  Green Garlic Recipes:  What it is and how to use it


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