Photos of our CSA shares




4/30/14 A Route: hydroponic bibb lettuce, organic polenta, apple cider, russet potatoes, chevre and maple syrup




4/30/14 Z Route: organic cornmeal, hydroponic bibb lettuce, braeburn apples, chevre, eggs, maple syrup




4/30/14 hyacinth with bulbs




4/23/14 A Route: Idared apples, honey, canned tomatoes, crimini mushrooms, hydroponic bibb lettuce and eggs




4/23/14 Z Route: hydroponic bibb lettuce, crimini mushrooms, dilly beans, chives, russet potatoes, apple cider and honey



4/23/14 Daffodils, ranunculus and pussy willows

4/23/14 daffodils, ranunculus and pussy willows




4/16/14 Forbes cheese, hydroponic bibb lettuce, red potatoes, tomatillo salsa, watermelon radishes, pea shoots and braeburn apples




4/16/14 tulips, daffodils and hyacinth









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