Mail from the Aaron Schwartz Family!

The folks over at Rippling Brook Farm…

…wrote us a letter for our Harvest Organic CSA boxes a few weeks ago. I loved this note in particular because it speaks to a different time and place in both language (‘ere, s’pose) and the scene they describe. The Clarion River sounds so picturesque and breathtaking! What’s more, we now have the butternuts available on farmstand (and soon in your CSA boxes) that they were clipping and letting lie. Take a moment to step back in time (earlier this August), to see what their morning harvest was like.

The background: Clarion River Organics is a cooperative, just like us, here at Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance! It is comprised of 14 member Amish farms, who don’t get as much individual representation as our other farms because they’re not present on the social media or other platforms we use to engage customers with the CSA, beyond the box. For that reason, CRO asks the Amish families to write letters to our subscribers. If you are receiving a Harvest Organic CSA then you’ve gotten produce from the farmers every week; if you’re getting a regular box, you’re still getting at least 3-4 products each week from a CRO farmer! Since they’re such a big operation, they help us greatly with the volume we need to do CSA ordering in such bulk, because all PCFA farms are family farms! Supplying over 1,600 ears of corn each week NEEDS to be a community effort. Hence, our farmer’s cooperative community supported agriculture.

Want to hear more from our farmers? Check out their profiles and interviews we conducted on our website, here!

And if you’re not yet registered and this piques your interest, sign-ups for fall are OPEN! Sign up for Fall here or for our customizable Fall shares here.

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