2018-19 Winter CSA

Thanks for joining our Winter CSA this year!  Please reference this page for important information about your CSA share.

What to Expect
Each Winter CSA box will contain 10-12 items made up of locally grown produce as well as other locally produced items like cheese, organic grains, honey, maple syrup, and canned items.  If you signed up for a gluten free or vegan share you will receive a substitute item in place of dairy or grains.

Each Thursday before the next Winter CSA delivery you will receive a preview email letting you know what will be in the following week’s shares.  Please make sure you check or spam or promotions folder for this email if you don’t see it in your inbox!  The email will be sent in the afternoon, and you will have until 5pm on Thursday to place you share on hold (read below for information about holds).  On Fridays our CSA blog will be published and it will contain helpful storage information and recipes for the items in your CSA.  Go to our Weekly Share Guide to view the blog for each week.

On the day of your CSA delivery (read below for delivery dates and times) we will deliver your CSA shares to your selected pickup location and you are able to go and pick it up during the time frame specified.  If you have ordered a Tote Bag from us, we will deliver that with your first share.  You can empty the contents of the box into your tote bag and leave the box at your location.  If you are taking the box with you, please just return it to your location the next time you go to pick up.  Please respect the space of our site hosts and stack your box neatly!  If you are running late please let Penn’s Corner or your site host know.  Please note, we do not guarantee your share will be available outside of the designated pickup window.

Vacation Holds
We understand there may be some weeks where you will need to put your share on hold because you will be unable to get it.  Please follow these steps to place your share on hold:

  1. Login to your Account
  2. Once you are logged in, click on Subscriptions, on the left hand side of your screen (you should be on your account information page).
  3. Click on the subscription you would like to put on hold (Winter CSA)
  4. Click on Put Subscription on Hold
  5. Enter the dates you would like your share to be on hold and click OK.  Be sure you are entering a date range that includes the Winter CSA delivery you would like to skip.Please note, all customer holds must be submitted by Thursdays at 5pm!  Any customer who places a hold after the deadline will not be entitled to a makeup share. 
    Customers who place their hold on time have a couple of options to make up a share they miss.   You can elect to receive a double share with your next CSA delivery.  If you would like to receive a double share you must email csa@pennscorner.com immediately after placing your vacation hold.  You can also chose to use the value of that week’s share as a credit on our Online Farm Stand (read more about the farm stand below).  Please note, the Farm Stand is not available at every location.

Farm Stand
Did you know you can supplement your share with items found on our Online Farm Stand?  We carry local produce, cheese, milk, eggs, organic grains, pasture raised meats, and more on the Farm Stand!  Ordering is open every week from Mondays at 1pm to Fridays at 12pm, and your order will be delivered the following week to your pickup location.  During the Winter we do not deliver to every location every week, please click here to view our Winter Schedule.

While many of the CSA locations are also Farm Stand locations, not every location is.  If you pick up your CSA at location that does not offer farm stand, please login to your account and change your default location to view and order farm stand at a different location.  (This will not effect where your CSA is delivered).

If you want to skip one week of your Winter CSA and use a credit to shop the Farm Stand, you must make a note of that when you place your order!  We accept credi cards for farm stand orders, and you can also login to your account to add funds to withdraw from!

Delivery Dates

Below are the delivery dates for this year’s Winter CSA:
Nov. 27/28
Dec. 11/12 & 18/19
Jan. 8/9 & 22/23
Feb. 5/6 & 19/20
March 5/6 & 19/20
If your pickup location is on a Tuesday you must go pickup your CSA on the Tuesday delivery day, same if your location is on a Wednesday.  You can view your pickup location and times here.  Please note, these times may change during the season.  We will let you know if your delivery time has changed.  With the Winter weather being unpredictable there may be times when we are running late to a location, we will inform you if our driver is running late.  
Thank you for supporting our local farmers this Winter!  Please reach out to CSA@PENNSCORNER.COM with any questions or concerns!


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