Summer CSA Week #21


This is the twenty-first Week of the Summer CSA!  This is an ODD week pick up – please click here to check your pick up schedule.


Small Share Standard Share
Ground Cherries – Clarion River Organics (Daniel Miller Farm)** Ground Cherries- Clarion River Organics (Daniel Miller Farm)**
White Acorn Squash (Mashed Potato Squash) – Gid’s Produce White Acorn Squash (Mashed Potato Squash)- Gid’s Produce
Sage – Gid’s Produce Sage- Gid’s Produce
Sweet Onions – Blue Goose Farm Sweet Onion – Blue Goose Farm
Stayman Winesap Apples – Kistaco Stayman Winesap Apples – Kistaco Farm
Green Kale – Clarion River Organics (Hidden Valley Farm)** Lacinato Kale- Kistaco Farm
Green Tomatoes – Clarion River Organics (Hidden Valley Farm)** Green Tomatoes – Clarion River Organics (Hidden Valley Farm)**
Maple Syrup – Weeping Willow Farm

**Indicates farm is certified organic

All shares this week are Gluten Free and Vegan

Cheese Shares will receive More Cowbell Cheese from Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy

Egg Shares will receive eggs from Jarosinski Farm


Maple Syrup

Grower: Weeping River

Store:  Maple syrup can store indefinitely until opened but should be refrigerated once opened. Once opened, stored in the refrigerator, maple syrup can last at the minimum one year.

Recipe: Cinnamon Maple Meringues, Maple Muffins, Maple Glazed Banana Bread


Ground cherries

Ground Cherries

Grower: Clarion River Organics (Daniel Miller Farm)**

Store: If left in the husk, ground cherries can store well in the refrigerator for over a week. And can be stored in their husks for up to three months if placed in a cool place in a mesh bag. Can also de-husk, flash freeze and store in a bag in the freezer.

Recipe: Ground Cherry Coconut Panna Cotta, Apple and Ground Cherry Pie, Ground Cherry Salsa


White Acorn Squash (Mashed Potato Squash) 

Grower: Gid’s Produce

Store: Store squash in a cool, well-ventilated area for up to three months. Wrap cut pieces in plastic and refrigerate for up to five days.

Recipe: Mashed Potato Squash, White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese Stuffed Squash, Stuffed Acorn Squash with Apple, Cranberry and Sausage Stuffing


Sweet Onions

Grower: Blue Goose Farm

Storage: Whole dry bulb onions should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place with plenty of air movement. Do not store onions in plastic! Lack of ventilation will reduce their storage life. Refrigeration is only necessary when trying to extend the shelf life of sweet or mild onion varieties with high water content, but be sure to use a low humidity setting, they must be kept dry.

Recipe: Roasted Parmesan Creamed Onions, Upside Down Sweet Onion Cornbread, Caramelized Onion and Bacon Skillet Dip


Stayman Winesap Apples

Grower: Kistaco Farm

Store: Refrigerate apples in the crisper in a plastic bag with holes in it. Use up old or damaged apples and store apples separately as the ethylene gas they produce can help speed up the decay process of other fruits and vegetables.

Recipe: Apple-Cranberry Cobbler, Butternut Squash, Apple and Sage Soup, Apple Crisp Shortbread Bars



Grower: Gid’s Produce

Store: To store, simply wrap the sage leaves in paper towels and put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Make sure to use the leaves within four to five days. Fresh leaves that are covered in olive oil can be stored for much longer in the refrigerator, about three weeks.

Recipe: Healthy Pumpkin Biscuits with Sage, Honey-Roasted Cauliflower with Pine Nuts and Crispy Sage, Polenta with Goat Cheese and Fresh Sage, Savory Sage Shortbread Cookies


Green Tomatoes

Grower: Clarion River Organics (Hidden Valley Farm)**

Store: Keep green tomatoes in a cool, dark place but don’t refrigerate them. Use within two weeks. To ripen, place tomatoes in a box in a single layer with a layer of newspaper on top, and then another layer of tomatoes and leave until ripe.

Recipe: Sweet Green Tomato Cornmeal Muffins, Green Tomato Pie, Green Tomato Casserole


Green and Lacinato Kale

Grower: Clarion River Organics (Hidden Valley Farm)** and Kistaco Farm

Store: Wrap the bunch in a paper towel and store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for 7-10 days. Or you can blanch and freeze the kale leaves for future use. 

Recipe: Tuscan Kale and White Bean Spaghetti Squash Bake, Kale and Quinoa Patties, Baked Sweet Potatoes with Crispy Kale and Feta


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