Thanks to 412 Food Rescue for another Great Ugly CSA Season!

Imperfect, blemished and even ugly produce is still delicious and nutritious! Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance has partnered with 412 Food Rescue for the past three years (and continuing!) to provide an Ugly CSA (community supported agriculture) for 12 weeks during the peak growing season.

Millions of pounds of produce are wasted on farms every year. 412 Food Rescue and Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance works to provide a market for farmers to sell their “seconds” and blemished produce at competitive prices, while still offering the Ugly CSA at a reduced cost for our customers. Farmers estimate that 15-20% of their produce ends up on the compost pile due to blemishes that leave the produce unable to be sold, wasting both food and the water used to grow the produce.

“In 2017, our subscribers collectively saved 210,823 gallons of water — used to grow food — enough drinking water for 1,150 people for an entire year! In 2018, our subscribers will collectively save 428,000 gallons of water!” 412 Food Rescue

Thanks to 412 Food Rescue and the Ugly CSA subscribers for helping to reduce food and water waste, and helping keep our local farmers viable!

For more information about 412 Food Rescue and the Ugly CSA program visit

Ugly CSA packing pictured below.ugly-csa-group.jpg

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