August 9 CSA Preview


This is for the August 2nd CSA, which is an even week share

Carrots  Blue Goose Farm
Zucchini – Clarion River Organics
Eggplant – Matthews Farm
Hot Banana Peppers* – Matthews Farm
Peaches – Dawson’s Orchards/Kistaco Farm
Inferno Pepeprs* – Gid’s Produce
Tropea Onions – Crighton Farm
String Beans – Nu Way Farm
French Heritage/Heirloom Tomatoes – Weeping Willow Farm
Carmen Peppers – Weeping Willow Farm

Due to lack of ability some members will receive another item in place of tomatoes.  Members will receive either corn, candy onions, or preserved chopped tomatoes.

Members will receive either Hot Banana Peppers or Inferno Peppers

Cheese shares will receive Temptation Cheese from Hidden Hills Dairy

Egg shares will receive eggs from Keim Farm

**This week’s shares are Vegan and Gluten Free


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