Ramp Season – What’s all the fuss about?

rampsSpring has arrived and that means the superstar of the season, the ramp, has taken its place at center stage. You’ve certainly seen these guys in our CSA box, on the online farm stand and at your favorite restaurants around town.  

What are ramps?

Ramps are a wild onion that grow in the U.S. and Canada during the spring. They slightly resemble a scallion but are a little smaller and have broad leaves. Their flavor is a pungent mix of onion and garlic. They thrive along the hills and forest floors and have been doing so for quite a long time

Why so popular?

Their return every year marks the first sign of life after a long, cold, frozen, winter (think dusty potatoes… so many potatoes). The anticipation of those delicate leaves peeking through the ground, combined with length of time they’re in season, is the perfect recipe for creating a veggie we can all swoon over. 

Typically, they’re foraged which also adds to the fun and adventure of the ramp. This video from Mario Batali beautifully details the process of bringing ramps from the forest to our plates.

Ramp mania!

ramp milkshakePenn’s Corner CSA member, Joyce, is a ramp enthusiast and attends festivals celebrating  the beloved plant with her family. They dine on ramp chilli hot dogs, ramp hamburgers, ramp bread and even ramp MILKSHAKES (she said they taste best with vanilla ice cream). 



ramp hot dogIt doesn’t matter your level of culinary expertise, there’s a ramp recipe for everyone. We have a stockpile of recipes on our Pinterest board and plucked a few out for the blog. Give them a try!


Are you a ramp enthusiast? Let us know in the comments section! 


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