CSA Performance Shares now on sale at the New Hazlett Theater!



Good ideas take root and spread quickly.  Over here at the New Hazlett Theater, we had an idea for a new kind of CSA program, one that allowed arts patrons to directly support local artists.  It’s been over a year since we started this artistic approach to traditional CSAs, and even though we started out small, we grew strong and we grew fast, and now we’re back with a whole new crop of fresh, local artists.

New to the idea of a performing arts CSA?  Here’s how it works: just like traditional farm shares, people buy into our program for $100.  Then, over the course of an entire year, our shareholders receive six original performances.  Each work is fresh from Pittsburgh artists and delivered to you at the New Hazlett Theater starting this August with Federico Garcia-De Catrro’s innovative new piano concert.

In addition to the six CSA performances, our shareholders also receive tickets to a brand new, stop-motion, video opera by Alexis Gideon, the New Hazlett’s artist-in-residence.  Alexis’s opera, The Crumbling, premieres next February.

Local farm shares cultivate crops, but they also cultivate the community that springs up around the farm.  As they provide sustenance to their neighbors, so too does the neighborhood support the farm.  Likewise, we here at the New Hazlett Theater cultivate art by providing the space and resources for performers to create, and just like a traditional CSA, we look for ways to nurture our community of artists and arts patrons.

It’s this idea of community building that inspired us to create a way for the local community to nurture the creation new performances.  We do hope you’ll join us for another exciting season.

August 14, 2014: Innovative Piano Music with Federico Garcia-De Castro

October 11, 2014: Untamed Dancing with Moriah Ella Mason

December 12, 2014: Spatial Investigations with Jennifer Myers

February 12, 2015: Contemporary Circus/Dance with Jil Stifel and Ben Sota

April 2, 2015: Folkloric Theater with Anya Martin

June 11, 2015: Dance Double Feature with Teena Marie Custer and Roberta Guido

Learn more at http://www.newhazletttheater.org/#CSA.  Go there to find out how you can support homegrown entertainment and become a part of the New Hazlett CSA community.

And be sure to catch our free CSA performance at the Gallery Crawl this Friday, July 11.  We’ll be at cultural stop route at 937 Liberty Avenue above Bricolage.


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