2012 CSA Harvest Share Week #4, June 27th


Please note that the week of July 4th we will be delivering your CSA boxes on Tuesday, July 3rd instead of Wednesday.


The Chef’s Corner-  

Chef Kevin Hermann (in photo), the Executive Chef at The Porch at Schenley has been gracious enough to share with us some of his favorite recipes and summer memories.  Thanks Kevin!  Be sure to try some of his BBQ, sourced from PCFA farmers, for yourself at The Porch this summer!

As summer creeps into our sky line I often find myself craving the age old craft of BBQing.  I find myself scanning the local markets and butcher counters and wondering what will be my next grilled delight.  As I find myself pondering over the delicious chickens I think how wonderful it would be to have the crispy skin and charred flavor along with some of the sweet and flavorful vegetable from Penn’s Corner.  One of my favorite ways to cook vegetables on the BBQ is the good old foil pouch I used to do way back in the Boy Scouts.  It’s so simple and yet so delicious as all the flavors meld and marry as the Smoke from the BBQ sneaks its way into the pouch to add just a hint of the outdoors.

Here is a simple, fun and invigorating dish for any BBQ lover…

BBQ Roasted Chicken with Roasted Vegetable and Blueberry Vinaigrette (for 2)

1 Chicken, Split through the back bone, leaving the breastbone attached

2T Rosemary

2T Sage

1t Garlic, Chopped

3T EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

Roasted Vegetable:

2# Red Potatoes, Cut into quarters

1 Bunch of beets, peeled and quartered

½# Swiss Chard, Rinsed and cut into larger 1.2inch chunks

1ea Zucchini, Cut into ½ thick half moons

1ea Garlic Cloves

1ea Shallots, peeled and sliced

1T Rosemary

½ T Sage


T.T. S+P (salt and pepper to taste)

Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette

1Pt Blueberries, Rough Chopped

1T Shallots, Minced

1/2T Mint, Minced

1/2T Lemon Juice


t.t. S+P

1ea Lettuce head, Torn into bite size pieces

1PT, Peas, Cleaned and blanched

BBQ Chicken

  1. Mix the Herbs, garlic and EVOO in a small bowl and rub the chicken and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 1.5 Hours. Best if marinated over night.
  2. Light BBQ and bring to 350 degrees. IF using charcoal be sure the coals are spread evenly along the bottom of the grill to avoid hot spots.
  3. Once the grill is ready remove from the refrigerator and place skin side down on the grill.  Allow to cook for 5 minutes until the skin lifts easily off the grill surface and turn over to cook for the remaining 15 minutes.
  4. Remove from the grill when the internal temperature of the chickens reaches 160 degrees, and place on a resting rack for 5-10 minutes to allow the juices to reabsorb into the meat.
  5. Cut the chicken into 4 equal pieces and place on a platter.

Roasted Vegetable Foil Pouch

  1. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and create two double layer foil pouches large enough to fit all the Vegetables.
  2. Fold the edges in like and envelope and be sure to make sure all seams are facing up to keep the juices from running out.
  3. Place on the edge of the grill prior to putting the chickens on the grill.  Let cook the entire time the chickens are on the grill.
  4. To finish open the envelopes for 5 minutes at the end of the cooking time for 20 minutes.
  5. Remove from the grill and empty pouches onto serving dishes.


  1. Mix the lettuce, peas, and blueberry vinaigrette in a medium sized bowl. Season to taste and place on two plates. Top with a generous pinch of the micro greens to add that extra pop of flavor.

The combination of roasted vegetable and charred BBQ flavor from the chicken is like floating on a lazy river soaking in the sun; sweet, delicate and hearty flavors exploding in every bite.

This dish can be used for a small dinner for two or if you plan on having  your friends over for a early summer BBQ feast to celebrate any occasion, or like myself, just because its fun to have a weekend cookout.

Enjoy life with food and friends.  It’s truly what makes life worthwhile.

Chef Kevin Hermann


Each week we will link to customer satisfaction surveys. With these surveys we hope to gather information regarding the quality of the items in your box. These surveys aren’t designed to gauge preferences from our members. Any feedback that you have regarding preferences can be emailed to Karlin at csa@pennscorner.com.Once you have gotten your share and had a chance to look it over please consider taking this very short survey!

If you are on the Asparagus route please click here. Zucchini members can click here.



Asparagus Share

~ pint blueberries, Reeger’s Farm

~ microgreens, Crighton’s Farm

~ 1 pint peas, Hostetler Farm

~ 2 zucchini, Blue Goose Farm, CNG or Weeping Willow Farm

~ 2# new red potatoes, Nu Way Farm

~ large beet bunch, Nu Way Farm

~ 1/2# chard, Nu Way Farm

~ lettuce head, Blue Goose Farm, CNG

Zucchini Share

~ pint blueberries, Reeger’s Farm

~ 1.5# peaches, Kistaco Farm

~ 1 quart peas, Blue Goose Farm, CNG or Kistaco Farm

~ 2 cucumbers, Weeping Willow Farm or Beccari’s Farm

~ 1 cabbage head, Nu Way Farm

~ large beet bunch, Nu Way Farm

~ 1/2# kale, Kistaco Farm

~ lettuce head, Blue Goose Farm, CNG

OG- Certified Organic                                                                                        CNG- Certified Naturally Grown


Japanese Cucumber Salad

From EatingWell:  June/July 2005

This Japanese inspired cool, crisp salad is as elegant and well balanced as it is simple.

4 servings, about 1 cup each

  • 2 medium cucumbers, or 1 large English cucumber
  • 1/4 cup rice vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted


  1. Peel cucumbers to leave alternating green stripes. Slice the cucumbers in half lengthwise; scrape the seeds out with a spoon. Using a food processor or sharp knife, cut into very thin slices. Place in a double layer of paper towel and squeeze gently to remove any excess moisture.
  2. Combine vinegar, sugar and salt in a medium bowl, stirring to dissolve. Add the cucumbers and sesame seeds; toss well to combine. Serve immediately.

Tips & Notes

  • Tip: To toast sesame seeds, heat a small dry skillet over low heat. Add sesame seeds and stir constantly until golden and fragrant, about 2 minutes. Transfer to a small bowl and let cool.

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